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Hot & Rich

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A Podcast/Twitch Stream/YouTube/BugTV+ show about celebrities hosted by Cait Raft.

Hot & Rich
  • Hot and Rich - 7/31 - Kendall Jenner’s House Is Actually… Good

    Episode 1

    Cait discusses Bella Thorne’s pink house, Sean Penn’s alleged marriage and Kendall Jenner’s actually good house.

  • Hot and Rich - 7/27 - Gigi Hadid’s Interior Design Hell and Trivia

    Episode 2

    Cait discusses Regis, the investigation at the Ellen show, a Kanye update, Gigi Hadid’s bad interior design, and in the 2nd half is joined by guest and celeb trivia expert Jordy Scheinberg (@shortyjeinberg) to play a game of TRIVIA!

  • Hot and Rich - 7/24 - Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss and Folklore and Rhode Island

    Episode 3

    Cait discusses Harry and Meghan’s paparazzi lawsuit, Ellen got robbed, #FreeBritney zoombombing, and Taylor Swift’s new FALL album ‘Folklore.’

  • Hot and Rich - 7/22 - Kim Kardashian is Allegedly Meeting with Divorce Attorneys

    Episode 4

    Cait discusses what’s going on with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez’s Dune Bug tragedy.

  • Hot and Rich - 7/20 - Did Khloe Kardashian Steal A Dress and Try To Sell It

    Episode 5

    Cait discusses Kardashian Kloset, August Alsina’s ‘Entanglement’ song, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s baby news and so much more.

  • Hot and Rich - 7/10 - Robert De Niro Is Poor Now

    Episode 6

    Cait discusses Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk, the search for Naya Rivera, and Robert De Niro’s financial situation.

  • Hot and Rich - 7/6 - Kanye West Is Running For President

    Episode 7

    Cait discusses celebrities on vacation (CoronaVayCay!) and Kanye’s presidential run. In the 2nd half she’s joined by someone named Leon Kush who claims to be the genius behind (played by actor Jeremy Guskin.)

  • Hot and Rich - 7/3 - RIP Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor

    Episode 8

    Cait discusses Courtney Stodden and Brian Austin Green’s “disappointing” demise, Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor’s breakup, and is joined by guest Joan Ford to discuss what’s been going on with Joss Whedon.

  • Hot and Rich - 7/1 - What’s going on with Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina

    Episode 9

    Cait discusses Olivia Culpo’s robe, Dr. Dre’s divorce, Lea Michele’s photo op, Kim Kardashian’s red hair, and Kelly Clarkson. In the 2nd half she’s joined by guest Tiffany Stewart (@astoldbytiffy) to discuss Kim Kardashian’s billionaire status, Kanye’s cult, and Jada Pinkett Smith’s alleged Will ...

  • Hot and Rich - 6/29 - Kylie Turned Khloe Into An Inflatable Slide

    Episode 10

    Cait discusses Lori and Mossimo’s country club woes, the BET Awards, Khloe Kardashian’s birthday party, Kim Kardashian’s “billionaire” status, and Scheana Shay’s miscarriage.

  • Hot and Rich - 6/26 - John Krasinski’s Alt Twitter Account

    Episode 11

    Cait discusses Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber’s Versace shoot that they HAD to shoot in Europe for some reason, movie premieres are back, Gia Gunn, Timmy Chalamet’s horny friday (well, wednesday) in Cabo, Britney’s secret message about her dad, and John Krasinski’s alleged alt twitter account.

  • Hot and Rich - 6/24 - What’s Going On With Jessica Chastain’s Social Media

    Episode 12

    Cait discusses Harry England (AKA Prince Harry), Dennis Quaid’s marriage and the Dennissance, Jessica Chastain’s social media videos, Celebrity Corona vaycays featuring Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber’s yacht trip and Timmy Chalamet’s Cabo resort.

  • Hot and Rich - 6/22 - Leonardo DiCaprio's Mask-Free Yacht Party

    Episode 13

    Cait discusses Leonardo DiCaprio’s mask-free yacht party and Ben Mulroney’s exit from ETalk, and is later joined by Kendall Mayhew (@kmay) for a discussion on Vanderpump Rules, Summer House, and the future of reality TV.

  • Hot and Rich - 6/19 - Jessica Mulroney Sucks

    Episode 14

    Cait discusses Ashley Graham’s veneers, Raven Symone’s wedding, Lori Loughlin’s prison fears, James Gandolfini, Ansel Elgort, Caroline Calloway, Kim Kardashian’s podcast, and the whole Jessica Mulroney versus Sasha Exeter thing.

  • Hot and Rich - 6/17 - Kylie Jenner’s Wrinkly Transparent Sheet

    Episode 15

    Cait discusses Chrissy Teigen’s boob funeral cake, Gwyneth Paltrow’s orgasm candle, RHOA, Lil Nas X, Kylie Jenner’s inability to DIY a photoshoot, Chloe x Halle, Chris D’Elia is a sex creep to underage girls, and Madison Beer’s Lolita obsession.

  • Hot and Rich - 6/15 - Brian Austin Green and Courtney Stodden

    Episode 16

    Cait discusses Ashley Benson and G-Eazy holding hands, Stephen Amell’s shitty roof, Stassi’s pregnancy, Courtney Stodden’s new relationship with Brian Austin Green, stanning Kendrick Sampson, and Timmy Chalamet’s chlamydia.

  • Hot and Rich - 6/15 - Brian Austin Green & Courtney Stodden PART TWO

    Episode 17

    Cait discusses Ashley Benson and G-Eazy holding hands, Stephen Amell’s shitty roof, Stassi’s pregnancy, Courtney Stodden’s new relationship with Brian Austin Green, stanning Kendrick Sampson, and Timmy Chalamet’s chlamydia.

  • Hot and Rich - 6/12 - The Mansions Behind 'I Take Responsibility'

    Episode 18

    Cait discusses the black and white celebrity video for ‘I Take Responsibility’ and does a deep dive on each of their quarantine mansions.

  • Hot and Rich - 6/10 - Stassi and Kristen Got VanderDUMPED

    Episode 19

    Cait discusses Anna Wintour and Vogue’s statements on race, Andre Leon Talley, Kristen and Stassi getting fired from VPR, and a look through Stassi’s mansion… that she might have to sell now!

  • Hot and Rich - 6/8 - JK Rowling’s a TERF… AGAIN!

    Episode 20

    Cait discusses JK Rowling’s recent transphobic statements, Kristen and Stassi’s apologies, a celeb protest roundup, and Mark Wahlberg’s giant ugly mansion.

  • Hot and Rich - 6/5 - Ashton Kutcher’s Video Translated & Ben Afflecks FINSTA

    Episode 21

    Cait discusses Ashton Kutcher’s video and translates it for you all. She also discusses Ben Affleck’s Finsta, Stassi Schroeder and Kirsten Doute getting “This You’d”, Gabrielle Union’s takedown of the “snake-pit of racism” AKA NBC, Reese Witherspoon’s ugly new 11 million dollar house, and so much...

  • Hot and Rich - 6/3 - All Celebs Are Protesting (ACAP)

    Episode 22

    Cait opens up about her home invasion that happened literally moments before the show (CONTENT WARNING: HOME INVASION!) and also does a quick and sloppy roundup of all the celebs at protests this week. And hey, she even briefly went over the Lea Michele thing.

  • Hot and Rich - 5/29 - Kylie Jenner Is Poor Now

    Episode 23

    Cait discusses Kylie Jenner’s ‘web of lies’ when it comes to her financial situation, and how she’s not a billionaire anymore, as well as Myka Stauffer, Grimes, and so much more. Later on in the show Cait is joined by Grimes’ art dealer AKA Joan Haley Ford (@joanhaleyford)

  • Hot and Rich - 5/27 - Khloe’s New Face and Mustique with guest Claire Downs

    Episode 24

    Cait discusses Khloe Kardashian’s new face, a Mary-Kate’s divorce update, Gabrielle Union’s Variety profile, and so much more. In the 2nd half she’s joined by guest Claire Downs (@claireCdowns / to discuss Kelly Ripa’s quarantine in Mustique, Gaga’s Weather Channel ...